When I began working with Moovweb, I primarily maintained and updated the corporate website by hand. The website at the time was getting old, and the brand was starting to look dated in comparison with what the rest of the company was doing. Soon, we decided it was time to redesign the corporate website and back it behind a CMS.

I began working more directly with the marketing team. We collaborated and built the information architecture, page flows, and styles that we’d be using. Once we had a better understanding of what was needed, I worked on building out the CMS. I began with Wordpress as a base, and heavily customized Wordpress to fit the team’s needs. I created custom content types with specific UI’s to make it extremely simple for the team to update. The team loved it, and I felt great knowing they had a tool that would make their lives easier.

While the team worked on that, I began building out the specific components for the content types. Building in a modular way was particularly helpful for everyone involved. As a designer and developer, I could work with a predefined set of elements and tweak them as needed. The marketing team could now create entire pages without needing to write a single line of code.

As the project came to an end, I documented a thorough run book on how to maintain the site, what tools were used, and the component library. I also ran workshops to apprise the full time employees at Moovweb and helped them to be successful at maintaining the site.