Beats Music

I joined Beats Music in 2014, before the Apple acquisition. I was the one of the first UI Engineers hired, and it was my job to make sure design details didn’t fall through the cracks. The product launched right before I joined, and all of the teams were recovering from a long post launch effort to fix major bugs. Design and feature polish wasn’t the focus during that time, but as time went on it became more clear that priorities needed to shift. That’s where I came in.

As a UI Engineer, I acted as a bridge between the design and engineering teams by having a foot in both the design team and engineering teams. I got a sneak peek at what the design team was doing, and relayed important details to the engineering team. Constant communication brought a new perspective of user experience focus to the engineering team, and a more collaborative attitude.

Throughout my time at Beats Music I worked on worked on features from the ground up, constructed building blocks to make creating UIs easier, unified the look of many of our styles on the webapp, and helped the each team understand each other's goals and struggles with a deeper sense of community.