Hello! My name is Bruce Sullivan. I’m a designer with a love for the authenticity of hip-hop, the beautiful forms of typography, and most importantly the wonderful people around me. I’m always trying to put myself in other people’s shoes, think introspectively, and use my deep knowledge of engineering to create great experiences.


Allow me to take a moment to embrace my inner Kanye; I am pretty great. I learn with the curiosity of a child, I work across disciplines with ease, and I love mentoring those around me. I’m constantly trying to teach myself something new, and help the people around me to grow.

I have a nuanced relationship with technology. On one hand, I love that there unlimited possibilities and no end to the creative opportunities we have. If you can think it, you can make it. On the other hand, we are left with a huge responsibility with what we put into the world. Every feature we design, artistic expression, or tool we make can change someone’s life in subtle but powerful ways.

When I’m not working, you can find me making beats in Ableton, lettering, playing computer games, driving my Subaru, learning about computer science, reading Batman comics, and cooking.